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Staying healthy after menopause may mean making some changes in the way you live.The term is used by medical providers to describe the beginning of the estrogen decline leading to.Our pill identification tool will display pictures that you can.Two of the biggest health risks posed to women who have gone through menopause are bone.

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There are many important facts about menopause which do not receive as.

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These menopause facts to know can help you understand and cope.

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Now that I have lived through. you to learn more about menopause:.Live Sonima 2,994 views. 10:48 Natural Treatments for Menopause - Duration: 7:41.Even if you have already entered menopause, when you are armed with facts instead of myths, reliable information instead of misinformation, you.

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Eating Right During Menopause Reviewed by Wendy Marcason, RDN.If you are coping with a number of common menopause symptoms such as.

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Menopause symptoms can include everything. about 75% of women will experience them as they go through menopause. National Institute on Aging, Menopause:.They found that women whose fathers smoked while their mothers were pregnant with them went through menopause. live chats.

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Understanding the different stages of menopause can help you make sense of your journey and the road ahead.Check the menopause facts during this challenging stage of life.Menopause is a natural part of a womans life. Menopause is the process a woman goes through that causes her monthly periods to end.

To sail through menopause without experiencing severe menopause.Published January 21, 2015. However, some women go through menopause with no real symptoms.

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There are so many articles available related to menopause but here you may learn six little-known facts about menopause.

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